In Colombia, 2000 people die due to an earthquake
In India, a cyclone causes 10.000 dead
In Turkey, an earthquake ends 18.000 lifes
In Venezuela, 50.000 people lose their lifes in massive landslides

Exsanguis is born. Four friends, Roman, Alex, Richard and Michael chose this name for their musical creations. Meaning "out of blood" or "bloodless" in latin, it signifies Death, which in all his ways is the central element of the lyrics.

Mors certa, hora incerta - Matthias Claudius

Hurricane Jeanne hits Haiti, causing 1500 people to die
In Morocco, an earthquake takes 600 lifes
In Southeast Asia, a tsunami kills 230.000 people
Greece wins the Euro 2004

The first album "dem Tod geweiht" is recorded, containing 7 songs on the cusp of doom and black metal.

Each instant of life is a step toward death - Pierre Corneille

In Japan, 15.000 people die due to a tsunami
In Turkey, a heavy earthquake costs 600 lifes
In the Philippines, a severe storm causes 1000 fatalities

The second album "Endzeit" is released after a change in the line-up. Michael switches to drums, while Roman plays all the guitars and the bass. Finally, the record is finished with the contribution of guest vocalist DB.

Death is the end of nature, not punishment - Cicero

In Himalaya, 6000 people die in landslide and flooding
In Bangladesh, a collapsing building ends 1100 lifes

Exsanguis find Olivia after a long search for a new singer, thus cleaning the way for a forthcoming album, "Aller Weg – des Menschen Werk"

Death is not the end, but the beginning of something new...